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My Approach

We mostly view suffering as a mistake. But in nearly every spiritual tradition suffering is understood as a doorway. It takes courage to approach our challenges in this way and to commit to a path of self-knowing. There are times when it can be essential to have an ally and companion in your quest for wholeness and  true happiness.


As the psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott wrote, "It is a joy to be hidden and a disaster to not be found."  As a psychotherapist it is my intention to "find you," to see you so that you can feel seen and can come to truly see yourself. I will provide skilled companionship to assist you in reconnecting to your innate well-being and resources. I make use of a range of techniques, all in service of my intention to meet you where you are- and to facilitate you in a  process of inner searching and self understanding and change.  Our work together will be tailored to your unique situation and needs.

We all have habits of reacting, of relating to ourselves and to others. We have habitual ways  of thinking about ourselves and of the world and what is possible. In our work together I will meet you with warmth and care to consider new options and alternatives to your habitual responses to self, world and other and to heal and transform your internal templates and the stories that maintain suffering.   I will emphasize open and curious attention to the present moment and to the experience of being with yourself and with me- allowing your process to guide us.


I will support you in greater self-acceptance and help you work with the obstacles to that.  I will work with you to identify patterns and un-investigated beliefs, which may be interfering with your relationship and with your own growth and happiness. We will work together to discover concrete skills and techniques which will support you to remain balanced and grounded in all of life’s situations, to let go of unhealthy habits and to develop a present-moment refuge for handling the discomforts and difficulties of life.


I will be an active participant in your therapy process.  My intention is to co-create a collaborative relationship based on warmth and respect in which you can address your current challenge, realign with your inner guidance system, and open to more authentic ways of being and to increase your capacity to accommodate a wider range of life  experience and to have more choices, satisfaction and peace.


A.D.E.P.-Accelerated Dynamic Experiential Psychotherapy


Trauma Informed Somatic Approaches



Present-Centered Mindfulness


To speak of sorrow

works upon it

moves it from its

crouched place barring

the way

to and from the soul’s hall.

-Denise Levertov

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